Earthscape Cuff
Earthscape Cuff
Earthscape Cuff

Earthscape Cuff

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Sturdy and simple cuff bracelet, made with 8-gauge sterling and fine silver and adorned with a beautiful cut of Blue Moon turquoise. Colored by patina and polished for a warm glow. This stone is 100% one of a kind and so unique, dappled by moss green and pale blue and handpicked to mimic the look of our home planet as seen from space. Every cut, bend and file was done completely by hand for keepsakes you can take with you near & yonder. 


• Slightly adjustable cuff, roughly 5.5" with ~1.5" opening

• Stone measures  ~18cm x 15cm.

• Weight: ~0.5 oz

• Sterling and fine silver.

• American-mined stone.

• Beautiful, eco-friendly packaging with stamped bag.

The Eclipse Collection was inspired by the beauty and complexity of our galaxy, both familiar and mysterious. I hope these pieces inspire you to look up at the night sky and wonder. 

xx Made Slowly, By Hand, And From The Earth xx