Hi There.
My name is Johnie and I'm the owner and creator of Near & Yonder. 
Near & Yonder is a marketplace for handmade goods and vintage finds, inspired by folklore, nature and adventures had in far-off corners of the world. Most of my work is hand forged and sourced, keeping everything as close to the earth as possible: recycled silver, plant dyes, biodegradable packaging and vintage treasures that aim to do no harm to people or planet. 
I draw a lot of inspiration from my experiences over the last decade as a writer and photographer, a career that has taken me everywhere from Alaska to Cuba to New Zealand to Indonesia documenting adventure and conservation work. When I'm not working, you can likely find me surfing, rock climbing, or reading.
Your piece may have started on my workbench, but it was likely finished on whatever surface I had available to me at the time — you can be assured your jewelry lived a life before it entered yours!). 
I started metalsmithing because I personally wanted pieces I wouldn't have to worry about breaking easily. Near & Yonder jewelry is inspired by the hues and topography of my favorite mountains and beach breaks, hand-finished with details that feel warm and worn-in. Every single element is handmade and 100% one of a kind. That means my jewelry isn't for everyone — but if it resonates with you, I hope it becomes part of your own traditions and adventures, both near and yonder.
I put a lot of love into these pieces, and I hope you love them as much as I do.
xx Made slowly, by hand, and from the earth xx