Solar Flare Ring - Size 5.25
Solar Flare Ring - Size 5.25

Solar Flare Ring - Size 5.25

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Sturdy sterling and fine silver ring with a simple setting that lets the stone speak for itself. Colored by patina and polished for a warm glow. This White Buffalo Turquoise is one-of-a-kind and hand chosen to capture the flash of a distant star (there's even a very small hint of orange in there if you study it). Every cut, bend and file was done completely by hand for keepsakes you can take with you near & yonder. 


• Ring size 5.25.  Stone measures  ~10cm x 18cm and sits 4cm tall.

• Sterling silver.

• American-mined stones.

• Beautiful, eco-friendly packaging with stamped bag.

The Eclipse Collection was inspired by the beauty and complexity of our galaxy, both familiar and mysterious. I hope these pieces inspire you to look up at the night sky and wonder. 

xx Made Slowly, By Hand, And From The Earth xx