Tasman Glacier Earrings #1
Tasman Glacier Earrings #1

Tasman Glacier Earrings #1

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 Sturdy, hand-shaped ear wires adorned with turquoise. A simple setting with subtle movement, colored by patina and polished for a warm glow. I spent hours choosing stones for this collection, looking for just the right hue of turquoise to capture the milky, vibrant blues of my favorite glaciers. Each stone is unique, with striations that mimic the topography of river cutting through earth. 

Every cut, bend and file was done completely by hand for one-of-a-kind keepsakes you can take with you near & yonder. 


• Roughly 2" in length with ear wire. Stone measures  ~1/4" x 3/4".

• Weight: ~0.13 oz each.

• Sterling silver.

• American-mined stones.

• Beautiful, eco-friendly packaging with stamped bag.

The Glacial Melt collection was inspired by the water that flows from high peaks to low valleys and all of the terrain it carves between, a reminder of our connectedness to nature and to each other. 

xx Made Slowly, By Hand, And From The Earth xx