Curiosity Earrings
Curiosity Earrings

Curiosity Earrings

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The Curiosity Earrings were named after my favorite rover and will bring good things into your orbit. These are slightly heavier than some of my other earrings, so those with sensitive ears may want to sit this one out. Colored by patina and polished to a warm glow, the smoothness and strength of space exploration vessels meet slabs of earth with hefty cuts of turquoise.  Every cut, bend and file was done completely by hand for keepsakes you can take with you near & yonder. 


• Roughly 2" in length with ear wire. 

• Weight: ~0.7 oz each.

• Sterling silver.

• American-mined stones.

• Beautiful, eco-friendly packaging with stamped bag.

NOTE: there is a small, shallow crack in one stone. It shouldn't affect the longevity of these earrings, but it's worth making note of before purchasing.

The Eclipse Collection was inspired by the beauty and complexity of our galaxy, both familiar and mysterious. I hope these pieces inspire you to look up at the night sky and wonder. 

xx Made Slowly, By Hand, And From The Earth xx